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IPDET 2022 On-Site review

Opening Recordings

The IPDET 2022 On-Site program was opened on July 11 morning with an overview on IPDET offerings, welcome speeches and insights into the IPDET Core Course.

In the evening Dr. Alison Evans joint virtually to share her opening Keynotes.

00:00:00 – Welcome & Overview by Dr. Stefanie Krapp, Head of Program

00:06:12 – The participants

00:14:20 – Quiz about Bern

00:16:45 – Welcome Address by Prof. Dr. Christian Leumann, President of the University of Bern

00:26:55 – Welcome Address by Alec von Graffenried, Mayor of Bern

00:38:16 – Introduction: IPDET partners & team

00:45:00 – Introduction & Overview: The IPDET Core Course

01:05:37 – Concluding words and importance of evaluation

Interviews with IPDET participants and instructors

Core Course Feedback

We asked the participants for their summary / perception of the first week of the IPDET 2022 On-Site. This is what they said:

Program overview