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Information on the Program Application

Paying applicants:

For the 2022 IPDET Program you are able to apply for several workshops within the application period by submitting different applications. Please be aware, that if you want to apply for both Online and On-Site workshops you need to make two applications (e.g. first apply for the online workshops you prefer, after your application is completed, you can make a second application for On-Site).  However, early applications are highly encouraged as seats are assigned continuously. 

Online Workshops:

A tuition fee of CHF 1,250 is charged per one-week workshop. The fee covers tuition, course material and a CHF 125 non-refundable administration charge. More information on the payment and refund policy you may find here.

On-Site Workshops:

Depending on your chosen workshops and Full Board options the fees are between CHF 1,350 and CHF 6,410. More information on the fees, payment and refund policy you may find here. The fee covers tuition, course material, full board ( if booked) and a CHF 500 non-refundable administration charge.

Scholarship Applicants:

For the 2022 IPDET Online Program you are able to apply for a scholarship for Online or On-Site participation. Please be aware that you can only apply for one scholarship! The scholarships enable individuals, who would not otherwise have the means, to access the IPDET program. Therefore, you can not apply for a scholarship and as self-payer in the same year!

We kindly ask you to select the scholarship options and workshop(s) which meets best your career development need and professional interest.

Online scholarship option:

The online scholarship option covers one Online workshop only. The online scholarship covers tuition fee and course material of one workshop. More information on scholarships you may find here.

On-Site scholarship option:

The On-Site scholarship option are no longer available. Please make use of the other application options to participate in IPDET workshops.

Further application information:

With your application for IPDET workshops you agree with our general terms & conditions (link), as well as our privacy policy.


Online Workshops - Selfpayer

The IPDET Online workshops open a virtual room to meet, share and engage in peer-to-peer learning, combining facilitation of knowledge transfer by renowned faculty with moderated exchange among professionals around the globe.

Scholarship Option

The scholarship for Online workshops covers tuition fee and course material of one workshop. The option to apply for Online scholarships is closed!


On-site Workshops 2023 - in Bern

The IPDET On-Site workshops are delivered in Bern, giving the opportunity to meet face-to-face and learn in a highly participatory and practice-oriented manner to facilitate adult learning and ensure that the wide expertise of participants is valued.

Scholarship Option

The scholarship for On-Site workshops covers the Core Course in Week 1 and two workshops in Week 2. The option to apply for On-Site scholarships is closed!