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Ann Murray Brown

International development consultant and facilitator

Ann-Murray Brown (she/her) is an international development consultant and facilitator with over 20 years of experience advancing social justice and human rights. She is passionate about Gender, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and her work revolves around these themes.

She is Jamaican, based in The Netherlands and offers expertise in monitoring, evaluation and communication, having provided technical guidance on theories of change, results frameworks and learning systems for organizations like the UN, EU and OECD.

Her research products have directly influenced policy – spurring legislative amendments to Jamaica’s gender and labour laws. More specifically, the 2007 Factories Act.

Ann is also an acclaimed presenter on data visualization and crafting persuasive, reader-friendly reports to maximize evaluation impact. Her effectiveness as an educator and thought leader is mirrored in her impressive following of nearly 45,000 professionals on LinkedIn. She is also awarded the badge of “Top Facilitation Voice” on this social media platform.

Additionally, as an experienced learning facilitator adept in adult education methods, Ann leads interactive workshops focused on strengthening participants’ abilities to communicate findings and produce outputs that steer decision-making.

She is the holder of multiple advanced degrees in International Development and Gender Studies from the University of the West Indies and Ewha Women’s University in South Korea. She is also a Board member of Caribbean Evaluation International (CEI).