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Calum Handforth

Senior Consultant at UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development

Calum Handforth is the Thematic Lead for Digitalisation and Smart Cities at UNDP’s Global Centre for Technology, Innovation, and Sustainable Development. He has a wide-ranging background in digital, including drafting digital-focused legislation and policy, and having worked on a number of initiatives such as connectivity rollouts, chatbots, digital identity projects, and digital inclusion programmes. He has also built strong expertise in driving and measuring the success and impact of digital and innovation in international development. This has included developing ‘Agile’ monitoring and evaluation approaches, exploring the potential of ‘Big Data’, and running a number of qualitative and quantitative research projects – including one of the largest Randomised Controlled Trials ever undertaken by the UK government. He has a BA in Politics, an MSc in Development Studies, an MSc in Epidemiology, and is working on a PhD in Behavioural Science.