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Meeting Monday

You want to come together on different evaluation topics?
You like to learn more about different cultures?
You want to share experience?
You like games?

Join the regular theme meetings HERE*!

These ‘Meeting Mondays’ are so diverse that there is something for everyone!
If not today, then next time for sure! 

Bring your own topics and vote on proposed topics! The goal of these Meeting Mondays is to create space for you to come together. We provide the place and create a meeting with your wished topics, for you to explore its contents with your own experiences! Exchange material, ideas and know-how! It is a place for social gathering.

You can also prepare a Meeting Monday by your own: your topic, your agenda, presentation of your work, and more options! Interested? Contact us on IPDET CoSMOS or via Mail!

Check out the timetable below to see the upcoming themes! All meetings will be on a Monday afternoon (CET Nov.-March/ CEST April-Oct.). You can join or leave at any time! The meetings are for free.


Challenges in monitoring the SDGs: Coordination & Collaboration May 9, 3 pm CEST
Icebreakers June 27, 3 pm CEST

Moderate your own Meeting Monday!




Yes! Suggest topics you would like to explore with the IPDET Community here! You can also fill in further information, if you want to prepare you own Meeting Monday!

Possible and past themes

Past Meeting Mondays will be documented hereHere you can also meet again on these past topics to exchange or share your information in the voice and text chat.


*This link brings you to the IPDET CoSMOS (the “IPDET Community Server – memorable online Society”) which is created with discord! If it is your first time on the IPDET CoSMOS you may need to fill in a name and your mail address. Watch a guide on how to use the IPDET CoSMOS here.
If you need support you can write an Email to!
Please be aware that IPDET is not responsible for data and material said/ written/ exchanged via discord.