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Meeting Monday

You want to come together on different evaluation topics?
You like to learn more about different cultures?
You want to share experience?
You like games?

Join the regular theme meetings HERE*!

These ‘Meeting Mondays’ are so diverse that there is something for everyone!
If not today, then next time for sure!

Check out the timetable below to see the upcoming themes! All meetings will be on a Monday at 3:00 pm CET (Nov.-March)/ CEST (April-Oct.). The meetings are for free.

Topic Date Joining link
Reduce Food Waste December 6 join
Poetry coming soon  
Gender Equality (SDG no°5) coming soon  
Comfort Food coming soon  
What you can expect:
Possible and past themes

*This link brings you to the IPDET CoSMOS (the “IPDET Community Server – memorable online Society”) which is created with discord! If it is your first time on the IPDET CoSMOS you may need to fill in a name and your mail address. Watch a guide on how to use the IPDET CoSMOS here.
If you need support you can write an Email to!
Please be aware that IPDET is not responsible for data and material said/ written/ exchanged via discord.