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IPDET continues providing high quality Evaluation Capacity Development through three different online formats. Special emphasis will be given to the current situation of COVID-19, the role and importance of evaluation in evidence-based policy-making and the need to adapt, change and rethink in the light of the newly emerged circumstances. 

IPDET Mini Series

Key speakers introduce Evaluation Capacity Development initiatives, IPDET alumni share their experiences, experts discuss the usefulness of evaluation in the verge of COVID-19, and more.

Sign up for the free online 90min. events.

IPDET Evaluation Hackathon

Unconventional situations like the ongoing COVID-19 crisis require daring and creative solutions.

The richest source of innovative ideas lies within our community.

Join a team for the one-week challenge in July!

IPDET Online Workshops

Get intense training on specialized topics or consolidate your knowledge and skills.

Our renowned IPDET faculty is offering 8 online workshops on cutting-edge topics in M&E.