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HERE is a guide that will show you how to use your team project page

Watch the videos to see how you join and edit the page.

Join Workspaces

Edit Workspaces

Use the HTML Editor to easily format your text with titles and colors.

Find here another similar introduction:


Find the link to your team workspace in your slack team channel right at the top.


Are you curious what the other teams are doing? Check their workspace on and see how other projects are progressing.



Watch these videos to see how you use Slack.


Join Slack

Slack Channels

Slack features


Slack Channels

GENERAL CHANNELS (accessible for everyone)

All channels that have a “0” in the beginning are accessible to everyone:






  • announcements: Updates on organisational matters.
  • ask me anything: if you have a general question to the community or you want to share a great resource with all, drop it here.
  • design thinking: if you have questions about the Design Thinking process, write them here. They will be collected and addressed by the Design Thinking Coach in the session at 1PM the next day.
  • facilitator support: if you feel stuck at some point, just drop a note here and we will see what we can do for you!
  • looking for a group: in the (really exceptional) case that you need another team to work with, you can drop a message here and let others know what you are looking for. Another group can pick you up and invite you to their private group channel. Set!
  • community: let all know that you´re here! Write a short message to introduce yourself and feel free to comment on other´s messages, connect and talk about random stuff. Have fun here!
  • technical support: you´re stuck with tech issues on the platform? Drop a note to the IPDET team here!


CHALLENGE CHANNELS (accessible for everyone)

All channels that have a “1” in the beginning are accessible to everyone. There will be several teams working on the same challenge simultaneously, creating diverse solution approaches. Take advantage and discuss or share insights with the other teams on your challenge channel! See all the challenges HERE.

TEAM CHANNELS (accessible only for invited team members)

The channel with the prefix “2” is accessible only to invited team members. This is your team channel. Other persons can join this channel only if you actively invite them.

Please note: your team should not have more than 7 team members, otherwise your team is not eligible for the awards.



Slack has a number of tools you can use to work effectively. Your team will have a number of tools and apps ready to use:

  1. Slack calls: in your teams’ channel, go to “details” in the top-right corner and then start a video call. Video calls
  2. Zoom: For calls with more than 15 participants we will use Zoom extension in Slack. You can start a Zoom call by typing /zoom in the channel. You will have to create a Zoom Account in advance and allow the integration (in your Zoom Settings, go to admin > integrations)
  3. Manage workflows by assigning to-do’s. You can commit to a task yourself by typing /committo or assign tasks to team members @teammate. Outstanding commitments can be seen by typing /commitments.
  4. Doodle: Doodle is an effective to schedule meetings. Start your first poll by typing /doodle. View and manage all your polls with /doodle or say /doodle help to learn more.
  5. Simplepoll: This app allows you to make small polls on different topics using the /poll shortcut, e.g. /poll “Was today’s meeting useful for you?” “Yes” “No”
  6. Giphy: This addon is more on the fun side; to use it type “/giphy” + your “word”, e.g. “/giphy hi” and get surprised by a random GIF