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The IPDET Evaluation Hackathon award ceremony demonstrated the truly innovative and international reach of the event, with 577 participants from 114 countries joining to think about some of the most pressing evaluation challenges.

– Sophie Sirtaine | Director of Strategy and Operations at World Bank Group IEG

“We have been inspired by the great ideas and team spirit”

– Anahit Anna Aghumian, Giuseppe Iarossi and Ichiro Toda | IPDET Evaluation Hackathon Jury Members

“To me it is a milestone and good example for future non-traditional and innovative evaluation capacity building and training.”

– Khalil Bitar | IPDET Evaluation Hackathon Jury Member

The winning teams








“EvalHub is not just tackling the one problem of data collection, but is in parallel also sensitizing and training interested communities in data collection and is in such creating jobs.”

– Annalena Flury | Jury member | Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC

Read the awarding speech here.









“The team came up with an excellent solution that aims to create an inclusive, easy to use tool for evaluators and local organisations to connect and build fair partnerships – responding to the COVID-19 challenge with focus on Ecuador.”

– Khalil Bitar | Jury member | Chair of EvalYouth

Read the awarding speech here.









“Women who represent half of the planet’s population are often excluded from development processes, including evaluations. To tackle this challenge, Team ReachMe! decided to “flip the script” of evaluation and develop a solution that would engage women in countries with patriarchal gender norms such as Afghanistan.”

– Lilia Ormonbekova | Jury member | UN Women Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Read the awarding speech here.


“The team came up with the idea of an adaptive and inclusive remote evaluation assistant app which basically aims to facilitate remote data collection and collaboration at different stages of evaluation when it involves vulnerable and hard to reach communities, especially at times of crisis.”

– Annahit Anna Aghumian | Jury member | World Bank Group – IEG

Read the awarding speech here.

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to the field of evaluation.

The IPDET Evaluation Hackathon provided a playground for creative individuals from around the world to unite their skills, knowledge and inspirations to find creative solutions to challenges of our times.

Unlike tech-hackathons which aim at merely technical solutions, the IPDET Evaluation Hackathon is open to all possible solutions which might help to empower the field of evaluation: seeking for relevant concepts, elaborated strategies, applicable prototypes, innovative methods etc.


“It was a wonderful experience – EvalYouth and YEEs were very excited and highly motivated to cooperate with the IPDET team and colleagues from other organizations.

– Khalil Bitar | IPDET Evaluation Hackathon Jury Member

“The energies and enthusiasm brought together by the various participants was amazing to say the least. It felt like an energetic roller-coaster ride! I have learnt so much from this event and created a wonderful network of friends.”

– Bijita Devsharma | IPDET Evaluation Hackathon participant from India