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Online team collaboration is fun! We´ve collected some tools that might help you.

Don´t over-do it but rather stick to one or two tools that work well for everyone in your team.




Most of you are very familiar with Google tools. Work simultaneously on documents and excel sheets, store your files, set up polls and schedule meetings.


This is our Evaluation Hackathon community tool. As a team you can have group video call and link all your google docs. You can use integrated features to quickly scheduling meetings or have a poll (doodle), set up a quick poll directly in slack (Polly), get notifications on what´s happening on your MURAL collaborative whiteboard and many more


Collaboration whiteboard for project management, mindmaps and brainstorming, story maps, etc. See an overview in the video on their homepage.


Manage your project, distribute tasks, keep track of TO DOs and many more thing. Have a look at this video.


Simply brainstorming and mind-mapping, and many more features. Check out this video.


for your Pitching Video.

Keep it SIMPLE. We are not looking for the most fancy design but the best content. It doesn´t matter if your pitching video shows text&graphics with background music or if it shows you talking&explaining.

Here are some ideas and tools that you could use:

  • Recording with your smartphone (with paper & pen support)

The most straight forward thing is to make a video of yourself talking and explaining your solution. You could simply use paper and pen if you want to illustrate something. Ready to go to your project page! Below are some tools that might help you to add a title or other features.

  • Recording of a team call

If you want to show the whole team, you can record a team call on Skype/Zoom/Slack or any other platform that you use. The tools below will help you to add some text and other features.

  • Powerpoint

It´s easy to make a video out of your PowerPoint Slides. Simply click on “Export as” and choose “video”. Watch this video to see how it goes.

  • Vimeo is an online tool to create and post videos. Watch this video to see how it goes.

  • Canva is a very straight forward and easy-to-use online design tool. You can design posters and flyers and … videos. Watch this video to see how it goes.

  • iMovie

In case you use an Apple device you can go with iMovie. It is easy to create and edit videos here.

  • Openshot

Openshot Video Editor is a bit more sophisticated offline tool but still easy-to-use. Watch this video to see how it goes.


You have another easy-going tool at hand? Let us all know in the slack channel 0_community! We are happy to add further tools to the list here.