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Your Project Page and Pitch

The outcome

There is no specific “end product” of your team work. The evaluation-related challenges are so diverse that no one-size-fits-all format will do justice. However, your team project´s outcome should go beyond a mere documented debate and relate to the above defined criteria.

Some ideas for viable products of the Evaluation Hackathon:

  • A policy brief or concept paper that could be distributed to relevant decision makers (in organizations, institutions, political bodies, associations, etc.)
  • A campaign strategy that could be implemented with respective partners
  • A user journey, describing a person´s experience during your propsed service, application, etc
  • … whatever you come up with!

If you want to try the Design Thinking Process you might want to:

  • scrutinize your assumption whether this product is really solving the problem
  • build a prototype and test it, test, it, test it

The solution you have worked out has to be presented in a 2-3 min video!

The project page

Watch this video to see how you access your project page on

Here are some components that you could use to build your project page. These are just suggestions, you can pick and choose or do it completely differently.

MUST HAVE to be eligible for the awards
  • Pitching Video: see more info below
  • Names of active group members
About the content
  • Description of your challenge: From your perspective, what is the problem that needs to be solved?
  • Description of stakeholders: Who is involved and what is their need and stake?
  • Description of the solution: What is our approach? What are our assumptions? Who benefits from the solution? How does it fit into the criteria (level of innovation, scope of impact, viability, social value, collaboration and commitment)?
About your team and work process
  • Our milestones, achievements and prototype
  • Challenges
  • Our takeaways and learnings
  • What´s next: how it should proceed and what we need
  • Resources that we used
  • Contact / promotion channels on social media

The pitching video

Make a pitch video of max. 2-3min (sidenote: max. duration if you want to post it also on twitter is 2min 30sec). Here are video tools you could use.

Here are some suggestions of what could be included. However, feel free to do it differently!

  • Name of the project/solution
  • Brief description of your challenge and the aspects that you have identified as crucial
  • Your solution including
    • rationales and theory of change of your proposed solution
    • stakeholder, resources
    • plan and milestones for implementation, realization and scaling (incl. responsibilities and partners, technology, financing, aspects of sustainability, publicity and marketing, timeline, etc)
  • Members of your hackathon team

The assessment

Check this page for information on the assessment criteria.


Feel free to use the EvalHack logo on your project page and in the pitching video!