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Reinhard Stockmann

Professor at CEval Saarbrücken

Reinhard Stockmann, Professor of Sociology at Saarland University, Saarbruecken, founder and director of the Center for Evaluation (CEval), Managing Director of the Master-Course of Evaluation at Saarland University and of the first European study program “Master of Evaluation” in a blended learning format. He is also the Managing Publisher of the German Zeitschrift für Evaluation (Journal for Evaluation) and founding member of the German Society for Evaluation (DeGEval). Evaluation specialist in the field of development cooperation, education, vocational training, environmental policy, foreign cultural policy.

Courses and workshops

II-c: Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Systems in Organizations
An M&E system within an organization aims at ensuring the quality of the work of the organization and to increase its overall steering capability. The workshop covers the necessary requirements, like M&E policy, a structural anchoring of M&E, a regulatory framework, quality assurance, a budget, qualified personnel, defined mechanisms for stakeholder participation and for the use of evaluation results.
Instructor(s)Reinhard Stockmann, Wolfgang Meyer
Recommended forManagement, Practitioners, Comissioners, Evaluators
I-c: Commissioning Evaluations
Evaluation is positioned in New Public Management, and M&E is compared with other concepts like Audit, Controlling, QM. Participants understand the role of evaluations for decision-making and how to consider power relations with their organization. They are guided through each step of commissioning and managing an evaluation and how to promote its use.
Instructor(s)Reinhard Stockmann, Stefanie Krapp
Recommended forComissioners, Management, Policy Makers
Core Course
The Core Course provides a comprehensive overview of what is evaluation and how to do it. Combining lectures, classroom activities, theory, and practice, the core course is structured to offer daily peer learning opportunities through small groups and using real-world evaluation examples.
Instructor(s)Wolfgang Meyer, Reinhard Stockmann, Lycia Lima, Candice Morkel, Stefanie Krapp
Recommended forEvaluators, Comissioners, Management, Parlamentarians, Policy Makers, Practitioners