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Silvia Salinas Mulder

Senior strategy advisor, consultant and evaluator in the social development sector; Co-chair of EvalPartners

Silvia Salinas is a Bolivian anthropologist, feminist and human rights activist, with 32 years of experience as senior strategy advisor, consultant and evaluator in the social development sector. Strong experience linked to international cooperation and civil society organizations at global, regional and national level. Her experience as evaluator and team leader in the last years includes evaluations on issues like gender-based violence, women economic empowerment, gender-biased sex selection, migration, girls empowerment, population issues, ageing and adolescent pregnancy, in addition to comprehensive global, country and regional programme evaluations.
Recognised for her specialised though systemic and creative approaches to key poverty, development, inequality and exclusion topics, her analytical capacity, proactivity and strategic vision, and her role as advocator and facilitator of transformative planning, management, learning and evaluation processes. Particularly interested in power issues, subjectivity, gender and diversity, ethics and intercultural relations in development and evaluation. A theory of change fan and transformation-focused evaluator.
Co-Founder and Strategic Director of FuturaLab, a company dedicated to promote innovation culture and social innovation towards well-being and growth. Between 2021 and 2022 she was elected President of the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE). First Latin American to hold this position. Currently co-chair of EvalPartners, a worldwide alliance to boost quality, inclusive and progressive evaluation practice. Invited speaker in several international evaluation fora, know to be disruptive and thought-provoking. Has a vast number of publications on social change, development, gender, human rights and evaluation. Fluent in Spanish, English and German.