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International Program for Development Evaluation Training

Better Evaluations for a Better World

IPDET 2022 On-Site Program in Bern, Switzerland from July 11 – 22 has come to an end!
Watch the opening keynote by Dr. Alison Evans from July 11 below and gain more impressions here.

Apply for IPDET Online Workshops in 2 Steps:
1. Create an account or log in HERE.
2. Under “My IPDET” please follow “APPLY FOR THE PROGRAM”


Once again we opened the year with a fabulous Kick-Off Event. It will be an IPDET year where we create lots of time for the Community – and most imported: host the participative evaluation workshops. In 2022 we had two weeks of On-Site program in Bern, which took place in July. Combined with six online workshops, from April to November. See the overview below:

We are all shocked what is happening right now in Europe! We stand side by side with our Ukrainian friends! The threat to freedom concerns whole Europe!

Evaluation is the result of democratic structures and stands for freedom of speech, transparency, and truth. Let’s do everything possible to support our Ukrainian fellows and our governments to stop the war!

Please see the official appeal of the Ukrainian Evaluation Association and the Statement of the European Evaluation Society here:

How we can support:

If you have possibility to offer shelter for Ukrainian refugees:
Any kind of support of Ukraine is well appreciated.


Olha Krasovska joined the IPDET Kick-Off Event on March 8, 2022, to give information about the situation in and around Kiev:

We celebrate 20 years IPDET and received quite a lot wishes and greetings:


The International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) is a globally recognized and respected player in advanced training in the field of evaluation. The courses and workshops are tailored to the needs of professionals who commission, manage, practice or use evaluations.

This unique training program brings together global expertise in evaluation to build foundational and advanced knowledge and skill in evaluation. Over the past years, more than 4000 professionals received training and joined the global and multi-disciplinary IPDET network.


In 2022 we once again implement an On-Site program! It took place from July 11 to 22 with one week Core Course and one week of workshops.
More information about the 2022 On-Site Program.


The 2022 online workshop program is delivered between May and November. One workshop runs over a period of 5 days. Each workshop has a different schedule depending on the program the respective instructor(s) define. It is important to be able to commit the whole week for the workshop as fulfilling tasks individually and in small groups requires your flexibility. To enable a higher interaction level, all workshops have limited seats.
More information about the 2022 Online Program.

Read the IPDET 2021 Evaluation Report here!


2021 Review

2021 Program Review

This was IPDET 2021! 11 online workshops, virtual kick-off and closing events as well as community activities and the very first Global Outreach activity.

2020 Program Review

This was IPDET 2020! The program consisted of 7 Mini-Series events, the first-ever Evaluation Hackathon and 8 Online workshops.

2019 Program Review

This was IPDET 2019!
Watch last year´s keynote speeches and see the participant´s feedback review here.

“Attending IPDET did not only refine my M&E knowledge, but it also made me a member of a global M&E-family for professional networking, learning and supporting one another.”

– Mr. Godfrey Bwanika | Lecturer | Uganda Martyrs University | Uganda | IPDET 2018