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II-b From Insights to Influence – Communication Strategies to Amplify Evaluation Utility

On-Site Workshop
Part of
Session Two
July 25 - 26
Introductory to intermediate
Recommended for
Commissioners, Evaluators, Management, Policy Makers, Practitioners, Researchers

Workshop pitch


Flawless methodology means little without masterful communication. Even the most groundbreaking evaluation fails to create change if the findings fall flat.

This training transforms technical experts into persuasive storytellers who make data dance and text sing.

You will learn to spotlight intriguing insights in attention-grabbing yet honest ways. Craft compelling narratives that speak directly to what your audiences care most about. The credibility of your evaluation is strengthened when you connect with your community’s experiences.

We will unpack the psychology of influence. Discover what truly drives decision-makers to take action. Through interactive sessions, you will practice framing recommendations to overcome inertia and inspire change.

Additionally, you will learn how to bring reports to life by integrating striking visuals like infographics. You will get hands-on experience using visualization software to demystify data for non-technical stakeholders.

You will also gain confidence in translating findings across formats – from traditional reports to vivid blog posts and social media campaigns.


Concretely, by the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Explain best practices for maximizing the uptake and use of evaluation findings.
  • Customize communication strategies to address the unique needs and interests of different (and marginalized) stakeholder groups.
  • Construct visually appealing and reader-friendly evaluation reports that facilitate the application of findings.
  • Use software to create infographics to present complex data in an accessible and engaging manner.
  • Integrate storytelling methods into evaluation reporting to make data more relatable and impactful.
  • Describe the ways to incorporate the Gender, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI) lens into evaluation reports.

recommended for

Researchers, Commissioners of evaluations, M&E and development professionals who are at varying stages of their careers. Whether you are involved in civil society, government agencies, academia, the private sector or advocacy initiatives, this workshop offers crucial insights and practical skills to enhance your storytelling and use of evaluation findings for behavior change and influencing policy.


The workshop is pitched at the introductory to intermediate level, as participants should be familiar with evaluation reports (either as the author or commissioner) or documents used for advocacy and behavior change purposes. Training in data visualization, report writing, statistics or communications is not required. As long as someone can operate a smartphone, he/she/they will be able to comfortably participate in the ‘hands-on’ activities using software for creating infographics.


None. Just come with an open mind.